Linking DrupalXray and SimplyTest

DrupalXray and SimpleTest are two of my favorite sites that help me respectively in doing site audits and testing out new module, set of modules.

State of Headless Drupal

For the benefit of those who don't know what Headless Drupal is, here is the definition in Webchick's words

Headless #Drupal : Sites out there using custom front-end, Drupal = content store.

Without using Drupalisms, we can say it is a decoupled version of Drupal. By decoupling the front end from the backend it increases the flexibility of the system. It also enables your team to make use of the proficiencies of a Front End Engineer who has no knowledge of Drupal theming. Drupal theming is a costly affair(I have heard of Drupal themers who charge more than 120$/hour) and Decoupled Drupal can just be a saviour. While this is a good reason, what should really motivate you isCOPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere).

Content Strategy and COPE in Drupal

What is Content Strategy?

It's the process of planning your content such that you can use, reuse your content across the form-factors and across the fast changing platforms which keep on replacing each other in a short span of time. Its not limited to making your content suitable for all the existing form-factors but it should also accommodate the form-factors which might appear in the future.

How to prepare for Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is around the corner. We have been hearing it many times, I know ;). But this time we are very close. As of 06:58 UTC today, September 19, there are zero Drupal 8 beta blockers. What this effectively means is we will be hearing about the Drupal 8 Beta version very soon, as in next 10-14 days, if there are no new additional blockers.

One question that everybody in Drupal community has on their minds is how do we prepare for Drupal 8. This is a question that is common to clients who are using Drupal, companies working on Drupal and Drupal developers, site builders. Here are a few of the tips that I collected over time.

Using db_merge query. Insert or Update

A use-case that we generally come across in most of the projects is

if (there is an entry for the key[eg :nid, edi]) {
   update a few field for the entry
} else{
    insert a new entry with all the values

But for implementing the above we need to write one SELECT operation for checking, one INSERT operation and one UPDATE operation.

In Drupal all of this can be done in a single function :)


Drupal 7 Tutorials : How to create a related content block using Views 3


Views 3 has quick view mode, where you can select the basic settings of your view from the easy admin interface. 

  • You can select the base table of your view(content, comments, orders and so on)
  • You filter by content type.
  • You can order by the default fields from the base table. 
  • You can choose to create a page, table or any other display.

Find out drupal version from your code dump/ code base

How do I know which version of Drupal I’m running?

Themeable items in Drupal

There are various things that needs design in Drupal. We generally call it themeable items. If you are lucky(read as rich) enough to have an external agency do the designs for you, then make sure that you get the desgins of the following items done on a single design page. It is generally called Typography desing page in the desgin circles. There are few things that are particular to Drupal but most of them are generic to any Drupal site.


Drupal Tutorials : What is a module? How to install?

What is a module in Drupal?

Modules are the functional plugins. Yes if you are coming from a wordpress background, they are similar to the plugins in wordpress. Each module has a set of code files and performs a unique, general function. 

Using a single template file for multiple views


Is your templates folder full of view template files and you are failing to keep track of it? 

The most probable reason is that you are creating multiple view template with same contents but different names, just make sure that template is being called in all the veiw. Its high time you do it the smart way.

Note down all the views which are using these templates with the same contents.

Click on Edit name & description and add a new tag, lets call it "firstset"


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